About Bishop Jones

Where the difference is worth the distance...

Bishop Carl E. Jones, Sr.

Bishop Carl E. Jones, Sr. has served as the pastor of Greater Parkview Church (GPC) in Greensburg, PA since July 2003.  Under the leadership of Pastor Jones, GPC’s first focus was to meet the needs of the people.  He implemented several ministries such as Evangelism, Christian Education, Bible Study, and Family Ministries.  Also, under his leadership, Pastor Jones has developed a Youth Ministry that is led by Lady Stephanie Jones.

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, GPC became a member of The Lord’s Churches Fellowships and Ministries International, Inc. in March 2008.  Pastor Jones was elevated and consecrated to the position of Bishop in The Lord’s Churches for the state of PA in June 2014.

Pastor Jones holds a B.A. Degree in Business/Marketing from Northwood University.  He studied at Trinity Theological Seminary and he is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Divinity at Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Pastor Jones was employed by General Motors Corporation for over 25 years.  He serves as President of the Greensburg-Jeannette NAACP and a Board Member of the United Way of Westmoreland County and the John Christian Charity Foundation.

Pastor Jones’ partner in ministry is his wife Stephanie.  They have three wonderful children, Carl, Jr., Forrest and Olivia.  He is dedicated to his family, church family and friends.  His life is indicative of his favorite words, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”